Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to get in touch?

The best way to CONTACT US is by emailing conference@rotaract.org.au 

Where is the conference being held?

The 2020 Australian Rotaract Conference is being held on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. The program will be held at Griffith University and the gala dinner will be at Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise.  Social events will be held at various locations around the city.

When will early bird pricing end?

Tickets will be released in 3 groups with a limited number in each release. Make sure you get in quickly to score the best tickets!!!

Are refunds or transfers available?

Unfortunately no refunds are available for ARC. Transfers can be made to other people, but you will need to contact us.

Do I need to pay when I register?

In short, yes. A registration is not confirmed until its payment has been received. Paying when you register helps us put on a better conference for you as we can make bookings earlier and secure the best speakers and venues. All events are first in best dressed. So why not be best dressed?

Is it only for Rotaractors?

No!!! Rotaractors, Rotarians and Rotary Program Alumni are all welcome to attend. We hope to have a large contingent of Rotarians in attendance, as well as inviting RYLArians, Interactors and more!

What should I bring?

Bring an enthusiastic attitude

Also these things may be handy to pack:

A copy of your conference registration & payment (on email)
Clothes for warm weather
Your Rotaract Club shirt
Your phone charger
An outfit for the Saturday night event
A willingness to go nuts on social media using #ARC2020

What events are on?

Check out all the pre and post conference events on our website

Are international visitors welcome?

We absolutely welcome international Rotaractors and would love to have you join us!

Are you able to assist with Visa requirements?

The Australian Rotaract Conference is not an international event and therefore is not eligible to provide invitation letters to persons outside Australia for the purposes of attaining a Visa. However, upon registration you will receive an email confirmation from us, which can be attached to your Visa application. There are no guarantees though.

Who is responsible for ARC?

The Australian Rotaract Conference Host Organising Committee is put together by Rotaract Australia. The 2020 ARC Chairperson is Steven Coffey. Feel free to connect on Facebook or LinkedIn. Thanks to the support from the Rotaract Australia team: Ada Gain, Samantha Fewster, Bianca Lobo, Laura Telford, Eeshwar Rajagopalan, Andrew Giumelli, Sadaya Marathe and Netania Lim.