Ante Strika

The 7 principles to healing your world

The 7 principles to healing your world encompasses seven fundamental principles based off western and eastern approaches to health. A person's thoughts, breathing, hydration, nourishment, movement, rest and environment will transform their inner world and as a result, the outer world. If a person is in physical, mental, emotional pain it's difficult to care for others. Learning to manage physical, mental, emotional and social needs, people ascend Maslow's hierarchy of needs. From caring only for themselves to caring for others to caring about world issues. Currently our world is in need of such caliber of aware people. Healing the world starts with empowering ourselves with the responsibility to look after us in a way that's aligned with nature and our planet.

The founder of Primal Move and Primal Move Food, Ante converted his passion into his profession. A qualified Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist (C.H.E.K), C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a Bachelor of Sports Management and Certificate III and IV in fitness, Ante’s mission is to teach people how to heal themselves, activate their potential, living healthier and happier lives. Ante’s passion for health and fitness started when he played football (soccer) around Europe. Competing against some of the biggest clubs in the World, such as Barcelona F.C, meant Ante was exposed to the best trainers, massage therapists and osteopaths in the world. Ante also visited China and Bali where he studied Chinese health and energy healing (qi gong). Ante combines Eastern and Western teachings to create a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Michael Galluzzo PHF

Indigenous Engagement 101

Michael Galluzzo is a Wiradjuri man of the Nurrungdera people from, what we now know as the Riverina. He is a member of the Strathmore Rotary Club (district 9790), past president of Gateway Rotaract club (district 9800) and recent Paul Harris Fellow. Michael currently works within the Indigenous Outreach Program at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, has also worked in Indigenous community engagement and communication and has spent a number of years facilitating and engaging community as a consultant to government and corporates.

This session will begin to look at shared history and identity; walking through stages from early history to stages of assimilation, and reconciliation. In walking through the different stages of our shared history participants will begin to understand complexities of identity and also gain a lexicon to be able to respectfully discuss these issues.

The session will then move on to principles of engagement and communications with Indigenous peoples and community. Participants will focus on practical action based strategies for working with Indigenous people and may allow participants room to think about how to engage with their local Indigenous community with their local programs.


Aleksei Bondarenko-Edwards

Respect your Elders!

Creating a shared vision to cross intergenerational boundaries

This workshop will give you a methodology for creating a shared understanding of what Rotary means to your club. It can be used to bring a diverse group of Rotarians and Rotaractors together to create understanding and to emphasis shared goals.

It is 100% hands on and you will be expected to participate, however don’t be concerned if you are an introverted or extroverted individual this workshop is designed to be fun for people from all walks of life.

In this one hour session you will develop:

  1. An understanding of basic facilitation skills
  2. A methodology for creating shared understanding
  3. Have fun and be hands on

Aleksei has followed on from a bachelor degree in sociology and public relations to a Masters of international community development. Focusing on facilitating leadership and engagement programs he is passionate about maintaining positive discourse around cultural identity and cultural intelligence. Aleksei is a young Rotarian at Upper Yarra Rotary (D9810, Melbourne).


Sadaya Marathe

Unconscious Bias, Inclusion and Mindfulness

We live in a world in which social media is key to our lives, technology is rapidly evolving and perceptions and stigma are often quickly formed on the brand/image we portray of ourselves. It is therefore critical now more than ever to be aware of our own unconscious bias and challenge them. To ensure that we are mindful, respectful, and conscious of our actions and strive to create and maintain an inclusive environment and culture.  This session will help you explore some of your own unconscious bias’ and ways for you and your organization to challenge. It will force you to be mindful, reflect and question how your previous experiences may affect your thoughts and decisions. Get ready for a fun interactive session to dive into your subconscious cognitive brain and see things from a different perspective.

By the end of the session Rotaractors will:

  • be open minded, approachable and inclusive
  • be informed and mindful of their unconscious bias’ and how they impact an individuals actions and decisions.
  • encourage diversity and challenge perceptions/stigmas to embrace change
  • to support and empower individuals around them to strive towards their full potential and create opportunities that embody strong inclusive communities

Sadaya is known for her optimistic and resilient personality she is passionate about science, diversity and community service and has been involved with Rotary for over 11 years in a range of youth programs such as NYSF, Youth Exchange and Rotaract. Sadaya loves integrating her problem solving mindset to help create positive social change and enjoys working with other like minded individuals to address our generations greatest challenges.


Jason Ball

LGBTI Inclusion

Welcoming LGBTI people into the Rotary Family

In 2012, Jason Ball harnessed the national spotlight when he became the first Aussie Rules player at any level of the game to come out. With no openly gay players at the elite AFL level his announcement was a game changer in the hyper-masculine sport and Jason’s story quickly captured the media's attention and the public's imagination. Jason was met with overwhelming support and used his platform to shine a light on the prevalence of homophobia in sport. Since then, Jason has marched in Pride March Victoria alongside his teammates from the Yarra Glen Football Club. He kick-started the Pride Cup – an event that celebrates diversity and inclusion in sport, and was the inspiration for the AFL's Pride Game between St Kilda and Sydney. He’s trained AFL draftees on inclusive language, and has represented beyondblue and the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, speaking at schools, sporting clubs and conferences about mental health and inclusion. With tremendous courage and conviction, Jason has elevated the conversation about homophobia in sport.


Andrew Anthony PHF


Ever been curious about yoga? From pure yogi to first-timers on the mat, Andrew will be leading an all levels movement practice to allow you to connect your body and mind. Heading towards the middle of your day, this is the perfect chance to stretch and bring energy into the body so you feel both focused and relaxed for the remaining sessions.  A range of yoga postures and breathing techniques will be introduced to open the heart and quieten the mind. Wear something that allows some movement (there'll be time to change clothes!) and be open to be given techniques to bring stillness into your busy life back home. A yoga mat/ towel is recommended but not essential.

Inspired by freedom of movement and the ability for yoga to connect us to ourselves and our world, Andrew has been practicing yoga since a teenager, undertaking teacher training at Insync Institute in Canberra. His goal is to open up people's experience of their own bodies, discovering their capabilities to connect to their breath and heal their life from the inside out. Andrew enjoys exploring movement practices of all kinds and is a competitive pole dancer becoming a national finalist at the Australian Pole Championships 2016. A rotaractor for 5 years, Andrew is an immediate past president, District 9710 Rotaractor of the Year 2016-7, and Paul Harris Fellow recipient.


Katharina Cser

Sexy Scheduling

How to eliminate procrastination & get sh*t done

This session will show Rotaractors how to:

  • establish what you want & actually set a goal
  • how to energy schedule
  • what's procrastination & getting over it

Katharina Cser is a 27 old year old entrepreneur & leader in the Generation Y female network marketing community currently living in Bondi, Sydney. After over 5 years experience in the prestige personal care, consumable product, health & wellness sector of the network marketing industry Katharina identified a need for stronger leadership & role models at the Gen Y (18-35 year old) demographic. Katharina has an organisation of over 100 Independent Consultants, 90% of which are Gen Y & has built duplicable, online systems allowing her consultants to build ethical, sustainable & successful businesses within the company. Katharina began building KATA the Brand, an online coaching brand incorporating weekly mini blogs, weekly musings emails, a community Facebook group, 1 on 1 coaching & her 6 Steps to Awesomeness badass school online program aimed at helping Gen Y women in network marketing in March 2015. This program has successfully seen over 70 graduates since its launch 12 months ago & has resulted in a shift in the perception of network marketing within the Gen Y demographic & has received extremely positive feedback. Katharina has released two mini ebooks on ethical business & network marketing systems with a view to continue the series during 2017-18. Katharina is mid way through launching her own wine label "Wine Not" created for Gen Y consumers. Each bottle has a uniquely designed label with reasons Aussie Gen Y's drink however the purpose is contained on the back with positive blogs directed at bringing people together to communicate, talk through their challenges & allow people to open up & support each other. Kata's passion is inspiring action in those around her with a personal view that the more we understand ourselves and appreciate our own talents the more we can contribute to wider society as well as those directly surrounding us. A big believer in "hand up's not hand outs" Kata is known for her compassionate honesty & thought provoking questions encouraging self analysis & thought.


Ben Hill

Rotaract in the Information and Cyber Age

In this session, find out how Rotaractors with little or no IT experience can use tools to give them a smart, professional and simple way of accomplishing their Rotaract Club's goals. Gain insight into the reviews of various tools used by other Rotaractors, and find out which tools will be right for you and your club.

You’ll also discover how your club can use digital media to engage your club or district's online audience through websites and more. Hear about how your club can save time by automating repetitive tasks, running a meaningful digital presence, how to optimise content to continually engage your audience, and find simplified support from other Rotaractors.

Ben is:

  • Past President of Casey Cardinia Rotaract
  • Passionate IT Speaker
  • Business/Business Information Systems Undergraduate
  • Website Building Business Owner
  • Current IT Director - Rotaract Australia
  • 2014 Casey Young Citizen of the Year